5. Smiley Face an Icon of American Society in the 1970s
Harvey Ball appears in official American video

Harvey Ball and smiley face were introduced in the video series AMERICAN CLASSICS which sold 5 million copies in the United States. With this the American public officially recognized that Harvey Ball was the original creator of the smiley face. [The press release on 6 September, 1999]

In January of this year Harvey Ball, creator of the orginal "smile face" in 1963, announced the creation of World Smile Day. The first World Smile Day is scheduled for Friday Oct. 1, 1999. Thereafter it will be celebrated on the first Friday of October every year. It is a day devoted to good works and good cheer. The theme for World Smile Day is "Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile." Harvey's World Smile Day idea has already been embraced both locally and nationally.

[The significance of World Smile Day]

First, it is a day dedicated to good cheer and good work. The catch phrase for the day is "Do an act of kindness - help one person smile". The symbol for the day is, of course, Smiley. The act of kindness itself is up to the doer and it can be the smallest thing. I truly hope that schools throughout the world will celebrate World Smile Day. If our children learn early the power of a smile and a kind act the whole world will be a better place. The first World Smile Day was held on October 1, 1999 and since then has been held annually on the first Friday in October. It would be wonderful to see people around the world wear a World Smile Day badge on this day. Take time out now to discuss with friends and colleagues what you can do to be part of World Smile Day. Decide what you want to do. It need only be something small. Let's all work together to spread smiles across the world.

The smiley face used in the campaign by Worcester Mutual Assurance and Guarantee Mutual Assurance in 1964. Smile campaign posters used by the insurance companies in 1964. Harvey Ball with Joy Young. It was Joy Young who asked Harvey Ball to design the smile. How many smiley badges have been produced over the years? The same amount as the world's population.
[World Smile Day Events]
1. Jigsaw Puzzle
An 11,000 piece (approx.) huge puzzle is created to spread the "World Smile Day" message. The puzzle is located at a shopping center where it is put together on plywood and takes about 1-2 weeks to complete. Whilst the puzzle is being completed certificates are sold with the names of the purchasers to be put on the puzzle pieces. Sales from the pieces were able to meet the construction expenses for the Wooster City Library children's reading room.
2. Greeting Card
Under the guidance of the Wooster's Historical Museum the local School children make Greeting Cards. It is based on the Wooster School children's theme for the day esmile to show some kindness to another'. The participants are given a card and an envelope and the completed item is sent by post. America post on this day sends many cards to Hospitals and other medical places.
3. World Smile Day Ambassador Prize
The World Smile Day Ambassador Prize is given to those students from Wooster City Junior and Senior High School who were recommended for that year. Only people recognized as eBloodless Heroes' that have overcome obstacles with sheer determination can receive the prize. The prize information is even being broadcast over the radio.
@ American Collector's Smiley Face items.

the video series AMERICAN CLASSICS


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