8. The Parent who gave birth to Smiley - Harvey Ball became a Legend
Since the Mona Lisa's smile the eSmiley Face' is the one famous smile symbol known throughout world. In the 70's, even in Japan it was extremely popular. Today as well, from Primary students to Seniors, its that famous that there is nobody that doesn't know it.

The great person who created this mark is an American called Mr. Harvey Ball. Not to this extent throughout the world and in Japan has there been another mark that has enriched the hearts of people. However, unfortunately on 12 April 2001 he passed away and became an everlasting person, a legend. His life was the Smiley Face. The impression held by the Japanese about him was different to other Americans, because he did not want to use the Smiley Face for his own personal gain, but rather he wanted for the world to love it. He was a person that always thought generously and for that reason he didn't think only about his personal gain. He was a person who didn't care about protecting his own rights to the mark. There were many outsiders who said that ehe is a good natured person' and there was also many critics who said such things like ehe is not good at making money'. However in contrast, it was heard that he lead a very full and vibrant life. There is no doubt that he had a very big heart because it was his hope that children throughout the world would smile and laugh with the Smiley Face and enjoy life.

Towards the end of 1963 the Smiley Face was created and he knew throughout the world that people would make great use of it. It was praised by all females and children for being epretty' and ecute'. For the Vietnam War many young people supported it as the mark to oppose war. At that time the young Americans on the battlefield as well as those young Americans chanting their opposition to the war both accepted the mark. This kind of mark and design will by no means die out as the nearly 50 years of history and culture after the war support the importance of its existence. When one thinks of all this, we could not have imagined that one person's creation could have such an influence on the people throughout the world.

On 12 April 2001 the vibrant and active 78 year old who founded the Smiley Face passed away, however he will become another everlasting person, a legend and possibly throughout the entire world the day he departed, will become a day to remember. The whole world including Japanese people are encouraged by his creation of the Smiley Face and his everlasting desire for there to be peace.

In 2001, his son, Mr. Charles Ball as the main person in collaboration with the American Government Union, Massachusetts State and Wooster City established the eHarvey Ball World Smile Group'. It is his hope that it will be active throughout the world in everyday life. Japanese people too should be encouraged to remember the Smiley Face on their path through life.

Harvey Ball is acknowledged worldwide as the creator and author

Harvey Ball passed away on 12 April 2001. At that time newspapers all over the world referred to him as "the Smiley creator". We submit an English newspaper article from that time.

Western Morning News, 14 April 2001
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Express & Star, 14 April 2001
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The Northern Echo, 14 April 2001
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South Wales Argus, 14 April 2001
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Yorkshire Post, 14 April 2001
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The Times, London, 14 April 2001
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