2. Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Officially Recognizes
Harvey Ball as the Original Creator of Smiley Face
On July 10, 1996, Worcester City's Mayor Raymond V. Mariano officially recognized that the original creator of the smiley face was Harvey Ball, back in 1963. Worcester City also proclaimed July 10 as "Harvey Ball Day."

In 1964 Worcester-based State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America(now Allmerica Financial), launched a "friendship" campaign to enhance employee morale after a reorganization; and / Worcester commercial artist Harvey Ball created the smile to be used on buttons, desk cards, and posters for the campaign; and / Agents and clients enthusiastically responded to the yellow buttons; and / The smiley face sparked a fad that swept the nation in the early 1970's becoming the hottest selling image in the country and a symbol for a generation of Americans; and / The smiley face is currently celebrated at the Worcester Historical Museum in ana exhibition entitled, "Have a Nice Day : Harvey Ball and the Smiley Face"; and / No claims to the country have ever refuted Harvey Ball's Worcester authorship of the smiley face; and / On July 10, Harvey Ball is celebrating his 75th birthday

Now therefore, I, Raymond V. Mariano, Mayor of the City of Worcester, in appreciation for Harvey Ball's creative spirit that follows in the great Worcester tradition to hereby proclaim July 10, 1996 to be:


in Worcester, and suggest that every citizen carry the spirit of Harvey Ball's smiley face with them everyday, all year long.
Harvey Ball receives Proclamation from Worcester's Mayor on July 10, 1996 Smiley face booth at the Worcester Historical Museum. Many Worcester citizens visit the museum to pay homage to Harvey Ball's great creation.
Harvey Ball presents Worcester City Mayor Mariano with a smiley face print 75th birthday celebrations held by Worcester City for Harvey Ball


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