3. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts Declares Smiley Face
Born in Worcester, Compliments of Harvey Ball
(«Harvey Ball presenting Worcestor Mayor with smiley facej

The 150th Anniversary of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts, was held on February 28, 1998. Harvey Ball was invited to these celebrations as an honorary citizen.

The State of Massachusetts is famous for Harvard University, located in its state capital of Boston. Massachusetts is also a state that enjoys considerable economic, political and cultural influence in the United States. Worcester City, 50 kilometers from Boston and the state's second largest city, has now celebrated its 150th Anniversary. Harvey Ball, a famous Worcester native and creator of the smiley face, was an official guest at City celebrations participated in by many Worcester citizens.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts declares Harvey Ball to be the creator of the smiley face

Senator John Kerry, a special guest at Worcester's 150th Anniversary celebrations, declared in his speech that the original creator of the smiley face was Harvey Ball. He proclaimed this to be a credit to both Massachusetts and America. This official declaration by the senator of such a major state is undoubtedly significant. Another of the many eminent guests, an executive of Boston Bank which was involved in the creation of the smiley face in 1963, praised Harvey Ball and his creation of the smiley face as being a source of great pride for the City.
Address by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
The City of Worcester is special. It is no accident that this city gave America the Valentine. It is no accident that this is the City that gave America the Smiley Face.
i«Address by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts/Address by Rick Myers, Boston Bank executivej
Address by Rick Myers, Boston Bank executive
There are many groups of citizens that have dedicated themselves to making this city a better place. They even include the man who not only put a smile on Worcester Insurance and State Mutual Life employees. It was our own Harvey Ball (and not Forrest Gump) whose smile face button has been popularized around the world.
i«Harvey Ball presents City Manager with smiley face poster to display at City Hallj Mayor Raymond V. Mariano offers thanks to Harvey Ball in declaring that the smiley face is a source of pride for the City.
The City of Worcester declared in 1996 that the smiley face was created by Harvey Ball. At the City's 150th Anniversary Mayor Mariano offered even higher praise declaring that the smiley face is not only a source of pride for Massachusetts but for all of America. As a commemorative token, Harvey Ball presented the Mayor with a picture of the smiley face, the City's very own symbol. He also presented a smiley face poster to City Manager, Thomas Hoover, and his wife Diane, to be displayed at City Hall.
i«City streets were packed with Worcester citizens eager to enjoy celebrationsj
Smiley face: a source of pride and a symbol for the City of Worcester
The day of the 150th Anniversary celebrations was deemed a public holiday for all the folks of Worcester and variety of events characterized the day. A laser show at night lit up the City and included a special laser beam display reading "Thank you Harvey Ball."
The citizens of Worcester, Massachusetts and all America possess a great sense of intimacy with the smiley face and perceive the smiley face as a great source of pride as it became a global phenomenon. It is inconceivable to them that persons outside the United States sometimes claim to be the originator of the smiley face or that some think the smiley face was a self-generating design.


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